Presidents Message..

The actuarial profession in Nigeria is still in its infancy, with only a small proportion of people with any slight clue of what an actuary does and only a very small number of persons practicing the profession here. The reasons for these could be adduced to poor awareness of the profession and the rigorous process required for passing the exams. The actuarial exams are one of the toughest exams to write. This is expected so because of the enormous responsibilities placed on actuaries in estimating financial liabilities which are sometimes large enough to ruin a company.

Recent developments in financial reporting, increasing financial size of Nigerian companies and other factors have increased the demand for actuaries in Nigeria and the trend is expected to continue. Gladly, the profession is welcoming to persons of diverse backgrounds, provided they have a strong mathematical inclination.

Nigerian as a country is endowed with so many resources, human and natural and I strongly believe we have the brain resource to become a strong provider of actuarial skills, given the right ground work. As a society, our aim is to bridge the gap between the users of actuarial information and the providers of these information within Nigeria. We intend to achieve these by:
1. Improving the public awareness of the profession at all levels, thus increasing the population of persons pursuing a career in actuarial science.
2. Supporting the candidates through the exam process
3. Encouraging and supporting target actuarial recruiters through the actuarial recruitment process
4. Upholding international actuarial best standards and practices

This website has been designed with these aims in mind and I am hopeful that within the next few years, the profession would have gained a lot of traction and be able to stand up amongst the other countries currently providing the most actuarial skills.

Faithfully yours,
Rotimi Okpaise



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