Every individual paper passed represents a milestone achievement. There is however 3 common qualifications usually awarded to indicate the level of progress made.

Diploma in Actuarial techniques. This qualification requires the pass of 9 core technical subjects of the institute of actuaries. A candidate at this level has demonstrated knowledge of the basic technical skills (mathematical, statistical and financial) required to practice as an actuary.

Associate. The Associate demonstrated knowledge of the fundamental concepts and techniques for modelling and managing risk. The Associate has also learnt the basic methods of applying those concepts and techniques to common problems involving uncertain future events, especially those with financial implications. The Associate has also completed a professionalism course covering the professional code of conduct and the importance of adherence to recognized standards of practice demonstrated a good understanding of the basic technical and reasoning skills required to practice as an actuary.

Fellow. A fellow has demonstrated a knowledge of the business environments within which financial decisions concerning pensions, life insurance, health insurance, and investments are made including the application of mathematical concepts and other techniques to the various areas of actuarial practice. The Fellow has further demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of the application of appropriate techniques to a specific area of actuarial practice.



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