Milliman – NAS Mentorship & Tutorial Program

Milliman – NAS Mentorship & Tutorial Program

The Milliman-NAS Mentorship & Tutorial Programme is a collaboration that aims to enhance the capacity of the actuarial field in Nigeria, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, and Togo through providing exam education support and mentorship packages to aspiring actuaries in the long term. In the short term, this program aims to:
  • Increase students’ access to quality support for actuarial exams and improve exam sitting and performance
  • Support students’ actuarial career growth and plans
  • Ensure that course content and benefits of the program are understood and valuable to students and, in turn, to NAS

The program has 2 packages:

Package 1 – Mentorship Component

  • 6-month mentorship program (modeled after Milliman’s Mentorship Program)
    • Matching mentors & mentees
    • Training session for Milliman mentors & NAS mentees
    • Bi-weekly mentor-mentee meetings over the 6-mo period
  • Not explicitly technical – more general support and coaching around exams and/or career progression as an actuary
  • Includes financial support for internet connectivity/international calling(max USD 50 per person)

Student Eligibility

a) Already has an actuarial trainee employment position, or actively trying to find one – any trainee from those with one exam, up to almost Fellow
b) Completion of application questionnaire; and
c) Reference from employer or university
d) English proficiency (for this pilot)


Package 2 – Tutorial Support Component

  • 1 enrollment in an online, on-demand course (per student) from one of four course options offered by ACTEX (for SOA Exam FM or Exam P) and ActEd (for IFoA CM1 & CS2 and CM2 and CS1 ) students pay at least 15% of course fee
  • 6 small-group, seminar sessions (total four groups of three students each led by one Milliman volunteer seminar leader); meant to complement the online courses
  • 1 exam sitting – partial exam fee (up to 75%) support (per student); subject to satisfactory attendance at seminars
  • Support for internet connectivity / int’l calling – max USD 100 (per person)

Student Eligibility

a) Undergraduate final year student or graduate with quantitative degree, with interest in the actuarial profession
b) Already has an actuarial trainee employment position, or actively trying to find one – any trainee from those with no exams up to three existing exams (for graduate applicants)
c) Completion of application questionnaire
d) Reference from employer or university; and
e) English proficiency (for this pilot)


A maximum of 12 students will be selected in total and both programs will run from March – September 2021.

Please note:
  1. For Nigerian applicants, only members with an up-to-date registration will be considered. Kindly follow this LINK to register now
  2. A reference letter from applicants’ employer/university is a compulsory requirement for this program. Kindly send your reference letter to by February 28, 2021 for your application to be considered.

Application closes February 23, 2021.

Click here to APPLY now.

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