Call for Mentors & Mentees – 2023 NAS-Milliman Pilot Mentorship Program

Call for Mentors & Mentees – 2023 NAS-Milliman Pilot Mentorship Program


The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Milliman Inc. have launched a new initiative to build actuarial expertise in developing countries, helping the countries predict and prepare for risks in the years ahead. The UNDP-Milliman Global Actuarial Initiative (UNDP-Milliman GAIN), announced as part of the 77th United Nations General Assembly, will seek to enable insurers, pension funds and social security administrations to better manage risks and in turn offer innovative and affordable insurance solutions for all. Together with local stakeholders, the UNDPMilliman GAIN Program Team has developed an intervention roadmap to address the identified opportunities across multiple countries, including Nigeria. One of the interventions includes growing the number and expertise of actuaries in Nigeria via a mentorship program.
The objective of the mentorship program is to provide guidance to actuarial professionals to equip them with a greater understanding of their career pathway as actuaries.  While mentoring goals may include technical discussions, the focus of the mentoring relationships will be career development. For the first year of the program, Milliman will act as an advisor and provide support towards the implementation and sharing of mentorship management experience and resources. Applications are invited for the recruitment of mentees for the NAS-Milliman Mentorship program. A mentee will be paired with one mentor from Nigeria or from outside the country. Through this engagement, the mentees will take a leading role in directing the focus and goals of the mentoring relationship. Examples of discussion topics could include exam preparation, balancing exam time with work projects, relationships with supervisors and peers, options to obtain relevant information on work projects, and working to identify priorities.

Rollout period: Jul 202324 (12 months)

Pilot countries: Nepal and Nigeria

For full information on Mentors and Mentees job description:

Mentors Job Description – Nigeria

Mentees Job Description -Nigeria

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Application Deadline: June 16, 2023

For all enquiries and feedback, please contact NAS at

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